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to all of the pretentious mac users:

please stop being so elitist.

a proud PC user with a laptop and desktop computer that hasn't gotten the blue screen of death, or 293489320 viruses.

p.s. people just don't know how to take care of their crap correctly.
p.p.s. please don't be offended. i am just tired of people all like, "MACS ARE KOOL PCS SUXORZ!11!" and don't know anything. at least have some logical proof behind your statement. -_-
p.p.p.s. macs are cool with me! i have to agree that they are stable machines, especially since their OS is based on unix....or it kinda actually is unix.


the ap lang exam is tomorrow! AHHHHH. pray for me/wish me luck ya'll. i don't even have a general idea of how i'll do...
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okay people.

i have an announcement.....

aaaaand. i have a job interview! i don't know what job it'll be for, because it's for kidstart, and they basically give you any job that fits your interests. yayyyyyyyyy.
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being half awake and trying to code a program by hand is NOT a good idea.

i just spent 3 hours on one program - a really simple one at that - because my loops weren't working correctly. i had removed two lines of code because visual basic told me those two lines were wrong, so i took them out. turns out, VB is stupid, and the lines were fine.

but i was too sleepy to see that i always write my loops the same way and that something was obviously wrong. :/ oh well. i got it now! it especially helped that my dad looked over it with me, and i had an epiphany about the program, haha.

it's so nice outside! wow...about 63 degrees. crazy! i love it! yesterday was nice too, and my mom, dad and i pulled out the mini weber and  barbequed on the deck.

yesterday was also the citywide orchestra, band and choral competition. i have to say....WE. WERE. FREAKIN'. AWESOME. eeeee. the the sightreading? A++++ i really hope we get 1st place/superior rating again. of course, we will get no recognition because my school only cares about the sports. ugh.
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taken from: [profile] zulkey
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

anberlin! yeah, this icon was made from a screencap of a video they put up on youtube. they were giving away a VW rabbit, and they were all excited and stuff. i love them. they need to come to chicago again.

NAIL POLISH. although i am lazy and just wait for my polish to chip off by itself, i love nail polish. i have a whole bunch of bottles that have never been empty, and some that are too thick or old to use, but i still have them because they're such pretty colors. raven made this icon for me. :D

omg, takeshi. husband number.....4? haha i can't keep track polygamy is so hard, you guys. just kidding. anyway, i fell in love with this dude when i saw chungking express in film study  last year, and then it dawned on me that he was the same guy in house of flying daggers.

copeland. an olllllld photo of them from back in..2003? somewhere around that time. i made this icon a while back. i was in...9th grade? 8th? wow. that was so long ago, it seems. but this was during my emo/indie phase and trying to be like everyone else at school. but then some sense came back to me a bit later, and i was like, "HEY if you don't like that i listen to indie rock AND hip hop AND classical, etc, then FORGET YOU."

this one is old too! aw, memories. i was in...10th grade? i can't remember if i had turned 16 or not yet, but this was taken in the backseat my parents' car on the way back home from my aunt's house in southern illinois. the sun was beaming down on me, so i layed down in the back and took photos. :D
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reading The Metamorphosis has made me feel sorry for bugs and all the things they go through with we humans running around trying to squash them all the time.

but i have to say - if i see a huge spider/daddy long legs/etc that doesn't belong in my house, i will get it. *narrows eyes*

oh praise Lord Jesus! SPRING BREAK STARTS TOMORROW - precisely at 2:21. i will be breaking my neck to get out of that school, haha.

p.s. i got a B on that ap lang paper. i'm seriously surprised. i don't know how that paper was worthy of a B, but hey - i'm not complaining! 
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YESSS. accepted to another school! the school of the art institute of chicago. they're ridiculously expensive, so i don't think i'll be going there unless i get the full ride merit scholarship, or something.

finals are OVER. *faints* i did better than i thought (just like you said xlakshimi!). for my final grades, i have As in 5 classes and Bs in 2, so not too shabby!

yesterday was kat's birthday, so we went to her house and had pizza, breadsticks, booze for kids (aka sparkling grape juice) and we watched batman begins. kat and i did our trademark fangirl squees throughout the film because of christian bale, while sarah sat there covering her ears. i eventually stopped though (unlike kat). :D

a couple of months ago, i signed up to be an election judge on super tuesday (feb. 5th). i get 150 dollars (YES), but they assigned me as a republican judge. ewwwww. i'm in chicago. on a side of town where practically no right wingers exist. what republicans am i going to help? like, 10? yeah, probably. oh well. i think i'm going to do early voting though, just in case i don't have time to vote on february 5th.

LJ meme! )

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so freakin' happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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we're reading Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman for AP lang. it's good and isn't even that long (168 pages, excluding the intro), but at times it's really hard to get through. i have 38 more pages to go. i can make it! :D

crap. i forgot that i have to do reader response journal entries for every 50 pages. :/ *facepalm*
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i was just talking to my parents about this one guy in my class and how hilarious and smart he is, and my dad asks:

"is he cute?"

it was awkward, but i think i handled it well. i said that he's "teddy bear cute" not "OMGZ HE'S SOOO CUTE" cute (which is what i truly think).

yeah. me + awkward questions = weird answers.


i'm trying to redo my timed essay from AP lang, and i don't know how it's turning out. i'll probably get a 4. :[ *sigh* i got my comparison paper back today and i got a 70 (which is a C). i am very disappointed in myself. i NEVER get anything lower than a B on my papers. i need to make up for that by getting a 7 on this timed essay rewrite.

am i becoming an over-achiever? nahhhhh.

p.s. man. my entries from 2004-2005 were so depressing. i had some emotional (EMO?!?!) teenage problems going on. i'm glad i'm not like that anymore...
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“Marseille is doing its very best to live up to a legendary reputation of dope, whores, and street violence." - M.F.K. Fisher

why did microsoft word tell me that "its" should be "it's"? THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, MAN.

grammar check is stupid and wrong 80% of the time. -_-;;

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i'm bored so....i'm gonna talk about college/ACT scores!

I GOT A 25! YAYYYYYYY (note that i'm really late in telling you guys this - i took the ACT back in april/may).
the highest possible score is a 36, so obviously, i didn't do an amazing job, but i didn't do terribly either. i guess i'm in the above average range, since the national average is a 19 (eek!). i took the ACT my sophomore year, and i got a 23, and my goal was to get a 26 the second time, so i believe i did pretty good. i took the ACT a 3rd time in june to see if i could get a higher score, and i got a 23. :[ oh well.

specific scores:
composite score: 25 - 82% (rank)
english: 28 (YAY! this means i can skip to english 102 at UIC if i get in) - 90% (rank)
usage/mechanics: 15 (out of possible 18)
rhetorical skills: 14 (out of possible 14)
mathematics: 23 (ehhh. i guess this is decent. better than the first time where i got a 19.) - 69% (rank) :[[[[
pre-algebra: 12 (don't know total possible points)
algebra/coordinate geometry: 10
plane geometry/trigonometry: 13 (obviously, trig is my strong point!)
reading: 28 (yay again!) - 87% (rank)
social studies/sciences: 15
arts/literature: 14
science: 21 (EVIL. EEEEEVIL. the graphs were freakin' confusing! i think i even dozed off in the middle of this section. i am jealous of those who got a 27 [aka my best friend]) - 58% (rank) :[[[[[

combined english/writing: 26 - 81% (rank)
writing: 8 (out of 12 points)

I'M SO MAD ABOUT THE WRITING PART. gahhhh. on my 3rd ACT where i got a lower composite score, i got a 12 out of 12 and a 99% rank in writing! WHY OH WHY DIDN'T THAT HAPPEN ON MY BETTER TEST?! :[

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