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i was just talking to my parents about this one guy in my class and how hilarious and smart he is, and my dad asks:

"is he cute?"

it was awkward, but i think i handled it well. i said that he's "teddy bear cute" not "OMGZ HE'S SOOO CUTE" cute (which is what i truly think).

yeah. me + awkward questions = weird answers.


i'm trying to redo my timed essay from AP lang, and i don't know how it's turning out. i'll probably get a 4. :[ *sigh* i got my comparison paper back today and i got a 70 (which is a C). i am very disappointed in myself. i NEVER get anything lower than a B on my papers. i need to make up for that by getting a 7 on this timed essay rewrite.

am i becoming an over-achiever? nahhhhh.

p.s. man. my entries from 2004-2005 were so depressing. i had some emotional (EMO?!?!) teenage problems going on. i'm glad i'm not like that anymore...
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