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May. 24th, 2011 03:38 pm
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if you happen to post these elsewhere, please link back to this post :Db thanks guys~
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(i am typing on my phone, so pls excuse abbreviation, wonky capitalization/spelling/etc)

i got to the prudential centre around 5 o'clock where I met [livejournal.com profile] nichkhun and he'd roommates and bff. we stood around in the parking lot for abroad an gr until [livejournal.com profile] yuukihitohira called and said she was near. we all went to go find her and we stood in line. we got into the buillding fairly quickly as a security officer durected us to another exit and we were close to the doors as a result.

our group separated since we all were sitting in different sections ;; but samy walked with me to find mine! so once i got to section A (to the right of the stage), i sat down and looked around, hoping that the arena would fill up more. thankfully it did, and the more people filtered in the more i could feel the excitement.

the show started 5 min late, but that's not bad at all. we were shown a ~dramatic~ slideshow of the boys, and we all screamed haha. after the screen went dim, went chanted "jyj jyj" until they came out. finally they did, and we went insaaaane.

i'm gonna post fancams later when i get home to my laptop and the track list when get to my camera, but man. ofc i knew the boys were phenomenal singers, but when you hear it live, it's just like....i was in awe, seriously.

jae's adlibs were beautiful, junsu's voice was strong and yoochun was great as well (his falsettos ;-;). i swear i almost cries during "i can soar" sigh i'm such an overboard stan.

i heard that jaechunsu seemed sad/upset at the vancouver show and many suspected it was because of the low turnout. who knows if that was the reason, but at least they looked happy here in nj. all of the boys were smiling (especially during chajatta; everyone was singing along) and at one point during another song, they were even laughing! this made me extremely happy and it touched my heart /sappy /corny

okay now random thoughts because i'm too tired to remember sequential events:

- the female dancers were in skimpy clothes (uh can i have telisha's body?) and were basically grabbing in jyj in some "no-no" places and i could hear some people in the audience gasping or getting angry lmao.

- in between songs, yoochun would ask us if we were enjoying the show. i'm sure he pulled out some chungrish at one point because i was sitting there like "...........wat" lmao. i love him. the first time they interacted with the crowd, chun was all "woooo what's up new jersey?!" and jae said a line in english, and junsu said "let's have fun together" (something like that)

the second time, chun asked the other two to say sth but they were being bashful! bawww.

- i swear junsu looked at me at one point, you guys. ;_; lol i sound delusional, just let me enjoy this ok

- "get out" and "mission" were greaaaat. esp mission and the dancers doing the warrior drum intro. i was hoping chun would go "you'll never find true love! fuck youuuuuuuuuuuu" and /he did/ it was glorious ok.

- towards the end after a brief intermission, jyj came back out and sang "in heaven." the audience created a white ocean with the glowsticks onetvxq passed out, and it was beautiful. i've been in love with this song since they performed it at bejing's con. i almost cried, not even going to lie. their harmonization.......man. i keep saying this, but i was speechless. and then at the end, it seemed like jae was crying, which made me want to cry even more.

i'm sure i am forgetting some things (which i will edit in as i recall them), but yeah it was just amazing and i dont regret paying for my ticket or driving this far to go to this concert.

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lol oh me.

Jul. 6th, 2010 03:35 am
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i just came home an hour ago to find that i had left my closet light on. i closed my bedroom door, and went to turn off the closet light. since my main light wasn’t on, the darkness engulfed me and i panicked. i was whimpering all like “OMG IT’S DARK AHHH I CAN’T SEE I CAN’T SEE” /waves hands around looking for main light switch

after a few seconds my eyes adjusted and i was able to at least find my door and gtfo of there lol.

i had to laugh at myself afterwards because i’m sure i looked (and sounded) ridiculous.

update tomorrow (or later today rather) with photos from the fireworks show i went to. :]
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sometimes i fear that the rare compliments i get are only given to me because people know my self esteem ain't all that great. i fear that the things they say aren't true.

anyway, this song is so good idek. i'm not even a ballad person but i am a xiah stan 4 lyfe so i'm sitting here like iasjdijasidjaiosjd and sobbing LOL. ugh i love him.

i miss dbsk. and shinee.

....and i'll make a real entry sooner or later. probably later rather than sooner. lol shutting up now.
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the beat better be the same when the full song is released, or i will be disappointed.

this might be the first f(x) song i'll REALLY like and not just think of as okay/tolerable (i.e. chu).

but i wonder what NU ABO is supposed to be. ABO = blood types, NU = new? idk idk. we'll see what SM comes up with haha.

anyway, all the girls look stunning like usual, and i'm looking forward to what they're bringing to the table this time around.
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daichi miura - magic remix ft. kreva

tohoshinki - box in the ship aka boxin' the sheep

idk if these two would sound good as a mashup, but they remind me of each other with the whole ~tropical~ vibe.
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lol i imagine he's singing to me /loser

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m-flo AND tohoshinki (jaechun, rather)? YES PLEASE.
i want taku takahashi to produce an original song for them - it would be simply EPIC.

i'm slow though, because i call myself a fan of m-flo and didn't even realize this was a remake/tribute of their song "been so long" D:
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


i know a lot of us don't live anywhere near NYC and would still like to participate, but it's still possible! if you have facebook go here for the event, message one of the admins and tell them what you want written on a post-it note! if you don't have a facebook, pass the message along to me and i can send it along.

you have until friday september 11 @ 2PM to submit!

And remember guys, we're not doing this to go against Jay's decision, but in hope that this small gathering/protest might bring a different outcome. Remember, we support Jaebeom and 2PM no matter what.

just something to keep in mind.

let's show how much we love and support jay!

keep going.

Sep. 7th, 2009 11:01 pm
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jay, don't give up please. don't let others get to you. they want to see you give up, to go back home, and just drop everything you worked so hard for. if you need a rest, please rest. but don't give up. so many people have faith in you.

i know i'm a loser, but i'm so emotionally invested in this, and i'm seriously worried about him and the rest of 2pm and one day as a whole.


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i want: indian food, vietnamese food, thai food, hot water cornbread and fried green tomatoes. *hungry*


Apr. 2nd, 2009 10:04 pm
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i basically bombed my english project (such a shock to me. i thought i did well) and i have to spend my week editing it and writing my first draft for my 10 page paper, studying for music theory, japanese and piano. :/ asdfghjkl;

but i guess the fact that epik high has international ordering set up makes me feel a tab bit better. i just have to wait until the weekend to order the album since they have to send me the order form for my t-shirt. *anxious*

also, to the people on my f-list that know who i'm talking about:
wtfff hiro mizushima got married?! D:
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epik high's newest mv for the title track of their album map the soul was just released a few minutes ago.
basically, it is amazing, hauntingly beautiful, and i can't adequately express my feelings right now.

i cannot wait for their album to arrive at my house.
they're basically musical/poetic geniuses.

(ya'll might be sitting there like "wtf, this girl gets emotional about some music. calm down." but i can't help it. i adore musicians with their talent/determination like epik high and i can't help but gush/spaz/be in awe about it all.)


Mar. 21st, 2009 07:51 pm
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(completely unrelated photo, but it's one of my favorite ones i've taken, ever)

i can't believe i've lost 9 freakin' pounds so far. i haven't been in the 130s since i was little (sad, i know. it was a combo of my grandmother force feeding me and meds that contained steroids :/). i'm so proud of myself. it's so weird to look in the mirror and see my collarbones a little and see my face a little bit slimmer.

too bad i just ate a slice of pizza at my grandmother's house and i only have 122 calories left over to eat today. DDDDD:
and then went i went into her kitchen:

her: "hey baby, there's more pizza! :D
me: oh no, i'm fine big mommy!
her: there's also ice cream in the freezer!
me: oh...uh i'm good! :]

dang if i ate everything she offered me, i'd be eating well over 3000 calories a day. x_x
</boring calorie+weight loss crap>

anyway, i love that it's spring. the weather has been beautiful and with daylight savings time, it's still bright out when it's 7pm. i absolutely love it. i'm not looking forward to the summer heat though. ugh. i detest it. all heat above 75 degrees and humidity is evil.


Mar. 21st, 2009 02:31 am
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we have officially killed epik high's website.
8374982734 people are trying to access it at the same time and the servers were just like "WTF TOO MUCH WORK" and gave up LOL. D:

crap man. i want to pre-order the album now! although international fans won't be able to actually pre-order until tomorrow, i want to get my name on the list tonight (er...this morning o_o) at least.

edit: around 3am, i FINALLY got to log in, and post on the BBS to do the pre-pre order (lol). hopefully i did it right. apparently, only 6 people have posted on it so far. i can't believe i got through. wow....*falls out dead from sleep deprivation*


Mar. 19th, 2009 12:13 am
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i can't fall asleep. i keep tossing and turning in bed and i went to bed at 11:15. i just ate some tart cherries. hopefully they kick in soon so i can get at least 5 hours of sleep. ;_;
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okay, enough of the caps lock. but omg pre-order is on the 21st and i am so elated.

they BETTER come to chicago when they do their US tour, or i'm gonna fly to seoul myself and beat tablo, tukutz and mithra up for not listening to me and drag them back here. XD

i only have like, 50 dollars cash and some pitiful amount of 10 dollars or something like that in my bank account, but oh well. i'll just have to use that 50 dollars i've been saving since december. epik high is amazing, and more artists like them need to be supported.

in other news that you still won't care about: I GOT AN A+ ON MY ENGLISH FINAL.
i was so shocked. O:


Feb. 27th, 2009 05:15 pm
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i can't stand when people ask me to do a photoshoot for them and do all this work, but then when the ask for prices, they're all "psh that's too much!"

well, you go to downtown chicago, find a professional photographer get an estimate, and then come back and tell me that my prices are "too much". <.<


i really miss programming. i was a total nerd in my visual basic class, catching onto stuff right away and being all happy whenever i made the simplest program, haha. after 8 months of not doing it, i remember nothing.

tomorrow i'm doing a photoshoot with soy! i'm so freakin' excited. i haven't taken good photos in a while, and i'm gonna have a chance to play around with my studio lighting some more.

it's times like these i wish i drove. 'cause i'm gonna have to somehow make my studio light, umbrella, tripod, flashes and props/clothing compact enough to get on the bus without it being super heavy or hitting old people in the head when i walk past. ;_;

of course, i'll be posting the photos. :DDDDD


Feb. 21st, 2009 06:21 pm
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having laryngitis sucks.
i didn't know how much i actually talked until now LOL.

i can't sing along to any of my music. it's quite depressing.

at least i'm breathing a little better now and i'm not coughing as much (since i stopped taking that evil claritin).
a pen and a small notebook will be my best friend for the next week or so. ;_;

oh - one of my all time favorite male korean singers wheesung came out with a remake of craig david's song "insomnia" (apparently he asked wheesung to remake it, wow) and it's ADDICTING. the video is addicting as well, haha. too bad i can't sing along. <.<

....and i'm sure none of you cared about that LOL.

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