Jan. 5th, 2009 06:12 pm
xradiostatic: (madea - purnch you in the face!)
man i finally found KBS world channel for chicago (it's channel 41 for anyone wondering). i was soooo happy LOL.
i remember watching the channel when i was younger at my grandparents' house in the den. i was about 7 when i started watching the dramas, all engulfed in them, not knowing what anyone was saying, but i kinda got the jist....

big mommy (grandma): sade, lunch is ready
me: okay big mommy. can i wait until the commercial? i just found out the lady was cheating on her husband!
big mommy: hahahaha okay baby. come into the kitchen when you're ready.
me: okay *concentrates on tv*

so today when i found out about KBS, i rand into my parents room to turn on the TV and through the fuzziness, i could see that that You Are My Destiny was on. i was like "OMG YAY" and ran into the living room to tell my dad. he was like YAY. hahaha.

i forgot to tell you guys, but one of my birthday presents was a tv tuner for my laptop so i can watch tv on my macbook pro~ yeah boyyyy.
so now i'll be able to watch all my korean dramas, house of payne, bernie mac show, king of queens, AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW, america's next top model (meh it's so bad now, but i'm addicted, lol).

sigh. i'm waiting for marlena to call me to see when we're going to dave and buster's tonight, but i don't feel like going now. it's almost 6:30pm, i'm in my pajamas, warm and comfy. i don't feel like getting dressed again and going out, being irritated by people. my energy has been drained. being an introvert sucks at times. no one understands the fact that i need a day off from people to regain my energy. D:

edit: THIS IS THE MOST EPIC SONG EVER. ALMOST 13 MINUTES? HECK YES. full of fusion jazz amazingness. check them out if you like herbie hancock and other jazz fusion folks. (this song is from grooveline's street vibes album)

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