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to all of the pretentious mac users:

please stop being so elitist.

a proud PC user with a laptop and desktop computer that hasn't gotten the blue screen of death, or 293489320 viruses.

p.s. people just don't know how to take care of their crap correctly.
p.p.s. please don't be offended. i am just tired of people all like, "MACS ARE KOOL PCS SUXORZ!11!" and don't know anything. at least have some logical proof behind your statement. -_-
p.p.p.s. macs are cool with me! i have to agree that they are stable machines, especially since their OS is based on unix....or it kinda actually is unix.


the ap lang exam is tomorrow! AHHHHH. pray for me/wish me luck ya'll. i don't even have a general idea of how i'll do...
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i was just talking to my parents about this one guy in my class and how hilarious and smart he is, and my dad asks:

"is he cute?"

it was awkward, but i think i handled it well. i said that he's "teddy bear cute" not "OMGZ HE'S SOOO CUTE" cute (which is what i truly think).

yeah. me + awkward questions = weird answers.


i'm trying to redo my timed essay from AP lang, and i don't know how it's turning out. i'll probably get a 4. :[ *sigh* i got my comparison paper back today and i got a 70 (which is a C). i am very disappointed in myself. i NEVER get anything lower than a B on my papers. i need to make up for that by getting a 7 on this timed essay rewrite.

am i becoming an over-achiever? nahhhhh.

p.s. man. my entries from 2004-2005 were so depressing. i had some emotional (EMO?!?!) teenage problems going on. i'm glad i'm not like that anymore...
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hey everyone! how are you?

well, the ACT/PSAEs were decent. i' planning on taking the ACT again in june, just to see if i can get a higher score.

today, in enviro sci, one of my classmates , M was singing a song by gym class heroes, and my lab partner E, said to M,

E: do you know who originally sang that part of the song?
M: ....no.
E: it's by _________ (i don't remember the name of the band). so don't sing the song if you don't know who it's by originally.

i mean COME ON. i wish all these indie kids would stop being so pretentious. just because you know "obscure" bands, doesn't mean that other people who have never heard of them should be put down. dang. *sigh*

yeah. well...there's nothing else to say.

i'm just really ready for school to be over. there's....*looks at calendar* 45 days left. then...I'LL BE A SENIORRRRR.

p.s. i think my senioritis is kicking in a few months early - i feel super lazy.
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yeah, so yesterday was my last day of work! i'm pretty happy about that, haha. but i finally got used to the job, and i became attached to the babies! i took pictures of them before i left. :D but  i have some money now! yayyyyy!

so this means i should be getting my last paycheck next friday, and buying the nikon d50.

but one thing i am mad about is my schedual for this school year. i registed for a.p. enviornmetal science, but it goes on during 2nd and 8th period - the same periods that my history class occurs.  so i had to decide between taking a regulars history class (which i didn't want) or get honors enviornmental science which i REALLY DIDN'T WANT because they have to do science fair, and i've been doing science fair sinve 4th grade, and i'm sick of it) so the only choice i had was the get the honors enviornmental science. ehhh i don't know..i'm thinking about  calling the school back and getting the regulars history. dwgfjsdgfkjsdgf. :/
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la escuela es así que tiring.
if usted puede leer esto, odio de congrats.

i este así que mucho.
everything y cualquier persona es molestos yo; estoy comenzando a molestarme :[

what it really says! )
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WE LOVE LUNCHBOXES (and jason loves subway)!!! hahahahah.

i love 6th period lunch. :]

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dang - i got like 390847598345 pennies thrown at me. :[
*sigh* being short has it's downs sometimes.

i do have to thank jason though for preventing more penny throwing. a group of seniors asked him if i was a freshman, and he said no.

i miss my best friends, and summer.

the first week of school is over, and i have so much homework already!

i just finished watching crash, and oh my goodness. THAT MOVIE IS SO AWESOME. i recommend it - WATCH ITTTTTTTT.

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k. so here's my schedual:

1st: honors geometry (muhammad)

2nd: honors spanish (rivas)

3rd: honors u.s. lit (flauta AGAIN!)

4th: honors chemistry (klein)

5th: honors u.s. history (santana)

6th: lunch (w/aditi, jason, sonia, etc)

7th: p.e. (hild - ugggggggggggggggh)

8th - general music (walker - he's pretty cool)

I AM SO MAD. seriously! they won't change anyone's schedual! i didn't sign up for general music - i signed up for band! I WANT TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT - NOT LEARN ABOUT MUSIC THEORY, ETC. i already know that stuff. people keep telling me that it'll be an easy A, but i don't want that class. *sigh* oh well - if i'm stuck with it, then.....yeah. :[

but i'm glad i have a lot of classes with people i know/friends. i have like 4 classes in a row with aditi, jill and jason. and one class with emily, two with amanda, three with taylor....you get my point! ^_^

we start driver's ed in novmber! YESSSSS.
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yeah. so the summer is over. school starts tomorrow. bye summer. hello late nights and stressful days! :/

xanga's pretty cool now that they've given everyone rich text. it's just that all these posts with different colors and stuff is hurting my eyes.

p.s. i love kanye west's comment on tv the other day...mike myers' face was hilarious. no one saw it coming. i'm glad bush's administration is under investigation. they know that new orleans has a LOT of poor people - they don't have a car, or enough money to get on a bus/train/etc to evacuate. help should have been sent DAYS before hurricane katrina hit. and FEMA sucks at doing their job. :[

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