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"rain, rain, rain on my mind. i've got a secret life..."
- copeland, "choose the one who loves you more"

YAY! 2 days until my birthday. 4 until christmas. i am way too excited. :D


Oct. 26th, 2006 02:11 am
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another one )

i just read some of my writing from 8th grade and freshman year, and my writing was so cheesy. :[ i'm embarrassed to have read some of that stuff in front of class.
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yeah, so yesterday was my last day of work! i'm pretty happy about that, haha. but i finally got used to the job, and i became attached to the babies! i took pictures of them before i left. :D but  i have some money now! yayyyyy!

so this means i should be getting my last paycheck next friday, and buying the nikon d50.

but one thing i am mad about is my schedual for this school year. i registed for a.p. enviornmetal science, but it goes on during 2nd and 8th period - the same periods that my history class occurs.  so i had to decide between taking a regulars history class (which i didn't want) or get honors enviornmental science which i REALLY DIDN'T WANT because they have to do science fair, and i've been doing science fair sinve 4th grade, and i'm sick of it) so the only choice i had was the get the honors enviornmental science. ehhh i don't know..i'm thinking about  calling the school back and getting the regulars history. dwgfjsdgfkjsdgf. :/
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has been updated..finally. :D
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i think i'll start updating this more.
and commenting on there's ljs more! :]
....i guess i'm back, but i'm not sure. i said that i few months ago, and i haven't really updated since.

in a few entries back, i said that i had gotten a job at a portrait studio...but that fell through. :[ now i'm job hunting. so far i've applied to 14 places, and i've gotten no calls back. this sucks. 'cause i really want a new camera/ipod/other things. :/ please pray that i get a job!
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here's the photos i took from my first studio photoshoot!

the composition isn't really that terrific, but i'll improve. there's about 3874982 more, but i liked these the best.  

p.s. the model is my cousin, niagara - they're for her modeling portfolio.
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being bored + procrastinating = pictures (this is really easy math...)
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breakfast was really good this morning.

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christmas is in 43 days.
my birthday in 41 days.
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WE LOVE LUNCHBOXES (and jason loves subway)!!! hahahahah.

i love 6th period lunch. :]

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sadeleflore photography - updated!!!!
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yeah. so the summer is over. school starts tomorrow. bye summer. hello late nights and stressful days! :/

xanga's pretty cool now that they've given everyone rich text. it's just that all these posts with different colors and stuff is hurting my eyes.

p.s. i love kanye west's comment on tv the other day...mike myers' face was hilarious. no one saw it coming. i'm glad bush's administration is under investigation. they know that new orleans has a LOT of poor people - they don't have a car, or enough money to get on a bus/train/etc to evacuate. help should have been sent DAYS before hurricane katrina hit. and FEMA sucks at doing their job. :[

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filmmmmmmm! )
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yeah. soooooo the past few days have been filled with nothing to do.
i'm just enjoying the days i have left until school starts.

i played the drums today for the first time in weeks.
i'm rusty. :[ but i am proud that i can play an almost perfect drum roll in "no one really wins" by copeland. ^_^

yeah so.....random pictures )

p.s. JENA HAD TO START SCHOOL TODAY! HAHAHAHAHA. (sorry jena - you know i only make fun of you, 'cause i love you. ♥)
p.p.s. i said "so yeah" a lot in this entry. :/

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