Feb. 16th, 2009 11:56 pm
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my dog mickey got a hold to some gum in had in my purse, and like a dummy, i left it open on the floor and she ate like...4 pieces. the trident gum has an ingredient called xylitol, and it's lethal to dogs. it causes liver damage/failure.

so far, she's acting normal. we called the animal poison control and they told us what to do (we had to give her a mixture of yogurt and peroxide to induce vomiting), and we're slowly introducing food and water to her like we were instructed to do.

this is all my fault. i usually keep my purse zipped up, but this morning the garbage men came, and i had to run and get my keys to hepl my mom and i left my purse open. ;_;

we have to take mickey to the vet within 48 hours to get her liver levels checked. i really hope they're good.

although my dad is staying up all night to monitor her, i don't know if i'm going to be able to sleep well tonight.

p.s. i am coming down with something AGAIN. i swear, just two weeks ago i had a really bad cold, and now my throat is sore. wtf. i was sick in december-january too. this isn't good....


Sep. 20th, 2008 02:56 pm
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for my music history class, i have to go to 2 concerts and do a review on them. i was going to go to roger's concert yesterday, but my parents were like, "noooo it's in humboldt park at night" so i understood that, especially since i would be going alone.

so i searched around on myspace, and found out that this folk singer or whatever was going to be at the oaktober fest in oak park. so i was like, "okay. perfect. it's in oakpark, with a lot of adults and kids, so it'll be safer".

my parents thought it was good, and they were going to go with me. i was actually kind of excited because it was going to be a family outing thing. however, my dad just called me 5 minutes ago, and was like, "call paul and 'em (cousins) and ask them to go with you. i'm not going."

i tried explaining to him that they don't like that kind of music, but my dad replied with, "so? ask them anyway!" so i did, and paul was like, "what is oaktoberfest?" uhhhh dude you live in oak park. shouldn't you know? and then he was like, "oh well i don't think i can make it. i have a lot of homework" -_- samuel hasn't replied yet, but i doubt he's gonna go if paul or micah isn't going.

ugh. i can't stand when my dad says he's gonna do something and then changes his mind. maybe i can convince mommy to go with me.

if neither of my parents want to go, they better let me go alone, 'cause i need to go to a concert before october 1st, and i have no time to go to any next week.

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