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i feel like i've done nothing today, although i've actually done quite a bit. i woke up at 11:15 - super late for me, so i guess that's why i feel the way i do. anyway, i have:

1) finished my personal statement for UIC/U of I
2) cleaned the bathroom
3) brushed mickey (my dog)

...and that's it. okay. now that i have written out a list, and it's so small, i feel useless. i guess i'll go fold some laundry after this.

i've been seriously in a harry potter mood lately (note the icon, haha) - i've watched all the movies, i'm about to re-read the series....i guess i'm in a withdrawal since it's the end of the series. *tear*

last wednesday, i had senior photos. it went really well. i brought my camera and my clarinet as props. the 1st photographer was really fun! and i even

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