Feb. 16th, 2009 11:56 pm
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my dog mickey got a hold to some gum in had in my purse, and like a dummy, i left it open on the floor and she ate like...4 pieces. the trident gum has an ingredient called xylitol, and it's lethal to dogs. it causes liver damage/failure.

so far, she's acting normal. we called the animal poison control and they told us what to do (we had to give her a mixture of yogurt and peroxide to induce vomiting), and we're slowly introducing food and water to her like we were instructed to do.

this is all my fault. i usually keep my purse zipped up, but this morning the garbage men came, and i had to run and get my keys to hepl my mom and i left my purse open. ;_;

we have to take mickey to the vet within 48 hours to get her liver levels checked. i really hope they're good.

although my dad is staying up all night to monitor her, i don't know if i'm going to be able to sleep well tonight.

p.s. i am coming down with something AGAIN. i swear, just two weeks ago i had a really bad cold, and now my throat is sore. wtf. i was sick in december-january too. this isn't good....
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...mainly because i feel scared as i walk down the street and see groups and guys and because my mom has been sexually assulted many times in her life by random guys she doesn't even know.

i brought up this video with my parents, and my dad seems to think that a lot (not all) of these reports of girls getting shot or bricks being thrown at are because of more than just them rejecting the guy (for instance, the guy knows the girl's brother and they had a figh, and want to get back at him by attacking his sister).

my mom and i tried to tell him otherwise, but he didn't believe it. he said that "i like to believe that mankind is a little bit better than that". i would like to think the same, but mankind isn't better than that...

if he were out and about like i were, he would believe these stories. these guys are crazy. they have mental issues, seriously. i'm not being funny when i say this either. rejection of any kind make them upset, and with a gun or any other weapon in their possession, they will be violent.

this video perfectly explains why i look down at the ground when i walk by dudes in my neighborhood, have the meanest look on my face, i listen to my ipod, or i walk across the street to avoid them.


p.s. story about a girl in D.C. being shot at her front door for rejecting a guy: www.wjla.com/news/stories/0908/554710.html

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