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“Marseille is doing its very best to live up to a legendary reputation of dope, whores, and street violence." - M.F.K. Fisher

why did microsoft word tell me that "its" should be "it's"? THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, MAN.

grammar check is stupid and wrong 80% of the time. -_-;;

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ahhhhhh. i hate being sick.

as much as i don't want to go back to school, i hope this cold is gone once school starts.

i'm off to go sleep and drink some chamomile tea....

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so i went to the eye doctor, and they dialated my eyes.
now i'm squinting like crazy because everything is blurry. :/

the good news is: my eyesight hasn't changed...and the doctor said it's almost close to 20/20 vision.

so why do i need to wear glasses?

yay for pointless entries!

am i right? :silence:
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when i got my minidisk player last december, it came with 5 free downloads. i already used two, and the card expires at the end of this month...

what songs should i d/l????

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