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for my upcoming project for photo class, i need some dreams from you guys to use! i'm doing a photoshoot reenacting different people's dreams they've had.

so if possible, can you guys PLEEEEEASE comment with some dreams you've had? you can post some really crazy ones (i.e. flying), but i won't be able to use them (i'm a poor college kid and i don't have access to awesome green screens and whatnot, haha)! they'll be awesome to read though. :P



Jul. 18th, 2007 06:33 am
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everything's been pretty good this summer. i have one week of work left, and two weeks of my photo I class left. i'm learning SO much in the darkroom - i love it.

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HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS COME OUT ON SATURDAY! i reserved the book on monday after work. i think i'm going with my friend marlena to the midnight release party at books-a-million too.

and yesterday i  in the darkroom. we're doing more on thursday. i'm so freakin' excited. and the art exhibition is coming soon too! ahhhhh so much excitement.
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"rain, rain, rain on my mind. i've got a secret life..."
- copeland, "choose the one who loves you more"

YAY! 2 days until my birthday. 4 until christmas. i am way too excited. :D
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the little reunion with my day care friends went VERY well. i was expecting K to be all stuck up and stuff since she lives in Glen Ellyn (SUPER rich suburb) and the last time i saw her at her 13th birthday party, she didn't seem to want to talk to me. but she was really nice, and we have a lot in common (we both play the clarinet). B was really cool and funny (and not a bully like she was when we were 3, haha), and she loves to watch boondocks and teen girl squad. i'm a year older than B and K, so they were all aksing me about driving and how my sophomore year was. we all exchanged information, and hopefully we'll keep in touch. :]

marianne (the day care giver) was SO happy to see us, and i think she was crying happy tears! :] she has a BEAUTIFUL house.

p.s. i used the first letter of their names, 'cause i'm not sure if they want their names all over the internets. :P

p.p.s. NOOO SCHOOL STARTS TUESDAYYYYYYY :[ please pray for me a lot this school year. junior year = TOO MUCH STRESS.
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oh wow. yesterday was....crazy.
i have a retainer. and i have a TERRIBLE habit of not putting it in it's proper case i usually wrap it up in a napkin, and put it in my pocket.

yesterday, my mom, dad and i went to subway, and like always, i wrapped my retainer in the napkin, and i put it in my pocket. so we continued shopping (this subway is inside of walmart), and we went to office depot, petco AND jewels. we then went home and after about 2 hours, i decided to put my retainer back in. so i went to my jeans pocket, and i COULDN'T. FIND. IT. i started freaking out. i threw everything off my bed, searched every where, looked in the car, and lifted the seats - nothing. and then i began to cry when i remembered what my mom said when i first got the retainer...

"now sade, if you lose this retainer, YOU WILL PAY FOR IT."
and i was like, "I DON'T HAVE 300 DOLLARS! AHHHHH." so i told my parents, and they yelled at me, talking about responsiblity, and stuff, and i cried some more. so me and my dad drove to subway so i could dig through the garbage to find my retainer, but they had threw the garbage out already! so we went to the other places, and we looked on the floors, and didn't find it. so in the car, my dad and i made a deal that i would pay half for the retainer (which was fine, because i have 150). but i was still so mad at myself.

so when i came home, i went to my room, and something told me to look under my bed. so i did. AND THERE IT WAS. it must had fell out of my pocket when i took off my pants. i literally cried happy tears. i learned my lesson, the hard way. :/

now here's some more photos like i promised. :D

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