May. 24th, 2011 03:38 pm
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if you happen to post these elsewhere, please link back to this post :Db thanks guys~


Mar. 21st, 2009 07:51 pm
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(completely unrelated photo, but it's one of my favorite ones i've taken, ever)

i can't believe i've lost 9 freakin' pounds so far. i haven't been in the 130s since i was little (sad, i know. it was a combo of my grandmother force feeding me and meds that contained steroids :/). i'm so proud of myself. it's so weird to look in the mirror and see my collarbones a little and see my face a little bit slimmer.

too bad i just ate a slice of pizza at my grandmother's house and i only have 122 calories left over to eat today. DDDDD:
and then went i went into her kitchen:

her: "hey baby, there's more pizza! :D
me: oh no, i'm fine big mommy!
her: there's also ice cream in the freezer!
me: oh...uh i'm good! :]

dang if i ate everything she offered me, i'd be eating well over 3000 calories a day. x_x
</boring calorie+weight loss crap>

anyway, i love that it's spring. the weather has been beautiful and with daylight savings time, it's still bright out when it's 7pm. i absolutely love it. i'm not looking forward to the summer heat though. ugh. i detest it. all heat above 75 degrees and humidity is evil.


Feb. 27th, 2009 05:15 pm
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i can't stand when people ask me to do a photoshoot for them and do all this work, but then when the ask for prices, they're all "psh that's too much!"

well, you go to downtown chicago, find a professional photographer get an estimate, and then come back and tell me that my prices are "too much". <.<


i really miss programming. i was a total nerd in my visual basic class, catching onto stuff right away and being all happy whenever i made the simplest program, haha. after 8 months of not doing it, i remember nothing.

tomorrow i'm doing a photoshoot with soy! i'm so freakin' excited. i haven't taken good photos in a while, and i'm gonna have a chance to play around with my studio lighting some more.

it's times like these i wish i drove. 'cause i'm gonna have to somehow make my studio light, umbrella, tripod, flashes and props/clothing compact enough to get on the bus without it being super heavy or hitting old people in the head when i walk past. ;_;

of course, i'll be posting the photos. :DDDDD

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craaaaaap. i suck.

a classmate of mine just called me so he could get some headshots done, and when he asked me the price, i was like, "uhhhhh 35 dollars" and he was like, "that's it?" and i replied, "yeah".

gahhhhh i think i should've charged more, but i don't want to be all wishy washy with the changing of prices. ehhhhh dang. should i call him back and tell him a different price?

i'm so bad at this. reason #1 why i would not be a good freelance photographer: i suck at business. >_<
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A bit of rain
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awesome photographer, awesome camera (it's the olympus om-2n). i've been wanting an old school 35mm camera, and now i think i know which one i want. i didn't realize that more than half of my favorites of 35mm photos on flickr were made by the olympus. i found an awesome deal on the body and a 50mm f/1.4! yessss. way less expensive than me buying the canon 50mm f/1.4 for my finicky canon rebel 2000. i love the camera because my mom handed it down to me, but i can't deal with it sometimes. sigh.

yeah. obviously this is a photo nerd post, so i'm not expecting many (if any) comments at all, haha.

only three photos, but those were my favorites. the other ones were like, glorified snapshots. nothing too great. not that these are the greatest either....whatever. hah.

on another note: OMGGGG. THE DARK KNIGHT IS OUT NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!! -fangirl squee-
i really want to see it at imx, but their tickets are crazy expensive. but then again, it's meant to be seen on imax. i mean, christopher nolan used a freakin' imax camera to shoot one of the most chilling/pretty/amazing scene (in my opinion) for the movie! in chicago. the most awesome city in the world.

but i'm broke. so the regular theatre, here i come!

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