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sometimes i fear that the rare compliments i get are only given to me because people know my self esteem ain't all that great. i fear that the things they say aren't true.

anyway, this song is so good idek. i'm not even a ballad person but i am a xiah stan 4 lyfe so i'm sitting here like iasjdijasidjaiosjd and sobbing LOL. ugh i love him.

i miss dbsk. and shinee.

....and i'll make a real entry sooner or later. probably later rather than sooner. lol shutting up now.

keep going.

Sep. 7th, 2009 11:01 pm
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jay, don't give up please. don't let others get to you. they want to see you give up, to go back home, and just drop everything you worked so hard for. if you need a rest, please rest. but don't give up. so many people have faith in you.

i know i'm a loser, but i'm so emotionally invested in this, and i'm seriously worried about him and the rest of 2pm and one day as a whole.


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epik high's newest mv for the title track of their album map the soul was just released a few minutes ago.
basically, it is amazing, hauntingly beautiful, and i can't adequately express my feelings right now.

i cannot wait for their album to arrive at my house.
they're basically musical/poetic geniuses.

(ya'll might be sitting there like "wtf, this girl gets emotional about some music. calm down." but i can't help it. i adore musicians with their talent/determination like epik high and i can't help but gush/spaz/be in awe about it all.)


Mar. 21st, 2009 02:31 am
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we have officially killed epik high's website.
8374982734 people are trying to access it at the same time and the servers were just like "WTF TOO MUCH WORK" and gave up LOL. D:

crap man. i want to pre-order the album now! although international fans won't be able to actually pre-order until tomorrow, i want to get my name on the list tonight (er...this morning o_o) at least.

edit: around 3am, i FINALLY got to log in, and post on the BBS to do the pre-pre order (lol). hopefully i did it right. apparently, only 6 people have posted on it so far. i can't believe i got through. wow....*falls out dead from sleep deprivation*
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okay, enough of the caps lock. but omg pre-order is on the 21st and i am so elated.

they BETTER come to chicago when they do their US tour, or i'm gonna fly to seoul myself and beat tablo, tukutz and mithra up for not listening to me and drag them back here. XD

i only have like, 50 dollars cash and some pitiful amount of 10 dollars or something like that in my bank account, but oh well. i'll just have to use that 50 dollars i've been saving since december. epik high is amazing, and more artists like them need to be supported.

in other news that you still won't care about: I GOT AN A+ ON MY ENGLISH FINAL.
i was so shocked. O:

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heath was awesome. christian bale (my bb haha) was awesome.

the chicago (REPRESENTIN') scenery was AMAZING.

heath's performance was haunting and incredible. at times i forgot that it was heath underneath all of that creepy makeup.
and omg bale looks so good in a suit. -dies-

juanita, britney and ariel went all ghetto (but smart) and went next door to buy subway sandwiches and snuck them back ito the the theatre. them marlena took out like, three super big cans of arizona iced tea and they were having a complete meal. XD

marlena, britney and i had a moment of silence for, in marlena's words (which i agree with), "the sexy heath ledger". rest in peace. i can't believe he's gone...

on a happier note, i will be seeing this amazing movie AGAIN next week with another friend of mine, so i'm excited. i can be all fangirly with her. but she's kinda sensitive to violence and stuff, so i don't know how she'll deal with it. i guess she'll just bury her face in my arm or squeeze the mess out of it like she usually does, haha.
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A bit of rain
Originally uploaded by velco
awesome photographer, awesome camera (it's the olympus om-2n). i've been wanting an old school 35mm camera, and now i think i know which one i want. i didn't realize that more than half of my favorites of 35mm photos on flickr were made by the olympus. i found an awesome deal on the body and a 50mm f/1.4! yessss. way less expensive than me buying the canon 50mm f/1.4 for my finicky canon rebel 2000. i love the camera because my mom handed it down to me, but i can't deal with it sometimes. sigh.

yeah. obviously this is a photo nerd post, so i'm not expecting many (if any) comments at all, haha.

only three photos, but those were my favorites. the other ones were like, glorified snapshots. nothing too great. not that these are the greatest either....whatever. hah.

on another note: OMGGGG. THE DARK KNIGHT IS OUT NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!! -fangirl squee-
i really want to see it at imx, but their tickets are crazy expensive. but then again, it's meant to be seen on imax. i mean, christopher nolan used a freakin' imax camera to shoot one of the most chilling/pretty/amazing scene (in my opinion) for the movie! in chicago. the most awesome city in the world.

but i'm broke. so the regular theatre, here i come!

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