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the beat better be the same when the full song is released, or i will be disappointed.

this might be the first f(x) song i'll REALLY like and not just think of as okay/tolerable (i.e. chu).

but i wonder what NU ABO is supposed to be. ABO = blood types, NU = new? idk idk. we'll see what SM comes up with haha.

anyway, all the girls look stunning like usual, and i'm looking forward to what they're bringing to the table this time around.
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daichi miura - magic remix ft. kreva

tohoshinki - box in the ship aka boxin' the sheep

idk if these two would sound good as a mashup, but they remind me of each other with the whole ~tropical~ vibe.


Mar. 21st, 2009 02:31 am
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we have officially killed epik high's website.
8374982734 people are trying to access it at the same time and the servers were just like "WTF TOO MUCH WORK" and gave up LOL. D:

crap man. i want to pre-order the album now! although international fans won't be able to actually pre-order until tomorrow, i want to get my name on the list tonight (er...this morning o_o) at least.

edit: around 3am, i FINALLY got to log in, and post on the BBS to do the pre-pre order (lol). hopefully i did it right. apparently, only 6 people have posted on it so far. i can't believe i got through. wow....*falls out dead from sleep deprivation*
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okay, enough of the caps lock. but omg pre-order is on the 21st and i am so elated.

they BETTER come to chicago when they do their US tour, or i'm gonna fly to seoul myself and beat tablo, tukutz and mithra up for not listening to me and drag them back here. XD

i only have like, 50 dollars cash and some pitiful amount of 10 dollars or something like that in my bank account, but oh well. i'll just have to use that 50 dollars i've been saving since december. epik high is amazing, and more artists like them need to be supported.

in other news that you still won't care about: I GOT AN A+ ON MY ENGLISH FINAL.
i was so shocked. O:


Nov. 18th, 2008 09:48 pm
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sigh. i love introducing people to new music. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
not that anyone cares, but another music artist review coming up soon, i promise. this time it's on epik high!

okay. this was just to distract myself from my concert review for music history, lol.

*gets back to work*


Oct. 27th, 2008 11:23 pm
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i love this song. ;-;


Oct. 22nd, 2008 09:17 pm
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i keep finding myself getting too much into my music that i lose track of time.

for instance:

1) yesterday i was late because i was too busy dancing and being overwhelmed by music and i thought, "i have time!" when i really didn't


2) just now, i spent 30 minutes singing/rapping along to songs when i was supposed to be doing my core studio project. :/

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on my blogger, i've written some music reviews that no one read other than jill (she's the only other person i know on blogger), haha. so i'm gonna post them here! prepare for long boring anecdotes about my life too, lol.

and get ready for another one on epik high. those dudes have been inspiring me lately...

(sorry if these suck. i wrote them in like, the middle of the night when i didn't want to go to sleep)

too many blogs, and musical discoveries.

full of harmony and jay'ed )

it's so weird...

braille (and lightheaded) )


Oct. 19th, 2008 08:14 pm
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sometimes i get really frustrated and lazy because i am not interested in my classes at all, but then i think: "there are only 2 months left. you can make it."

i really hope i can.

*starts counting down*

random note: OMG i got rain's new album rainism, and the song "only you" is freakin' AWESOME. it's been on repeat since yesterday. i love it. the rest of the album is meh, but this song is amazing in my book.

went on my dad's late bday dinner today at yum thai. mmmmm good. we bought some dvds, so hopefully they're good, or i'm gonna be mad, haha.


Sep. 7th, 2008 09:09 pm
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(video of us at this year's CPS band/orchestra competition - WE WONNNNN)

i want to see the chicago symphony orchestra so bad, but i don't have $400 dollars to see them. D:

i've been really missing playing music lately. my dad wanted me to go to music school, and sometimes i wonder if i should've done that instead. i miss playing so much.

maybe i'll just go back to von one day and be like, "HEY MR. WALKER! CAN I PLAY?" haha. that'd be cool. i miss being first chair and feeling all proud and winning competitions.

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...that this dude is one of the most influential dudes in hip-hop (i'm not the first one to say this, haha). i'm supremely disappointed that he's going to be releasing his last album next year. hip hop needs him.
there's some people trying to compare lupe to wayne, just no. that's like comparing the ability of a typical 1st grader to bill gates. yeah, lil wayne is topping the charts, but his lyricism is nothing compared to lupe. he has substance, and his wordplay and flow is amazing.

he's also from my neighborhood, so i might be a little biased.

....nah. i'd think this dude was the real deal, even if he wasn't from the chi.


Jul. 16th, 2008 08:46 am
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this song came around around 1996, 1997 just checked, it was 1998. because i went to chicago public grammar school and i live in the "ghetto", our bus driver always had the radio on and locked to WGCI.

i was on bus 11, and we had the worst kids! but it was so fun to have them around though, haha. only the buses that picked up kids on the westside had a radio on the bus. the northside kids didn't know nothin' about the radio on the bus. they missed out, lol.

but anyway, this song was so good. whenever ron isley's part came up and he would be cursing, everyone (not me haha) would say it super loud. XD

good times. i miss 90s r&b. i miss the 90s.

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