Apr. 2nd, 2009 10:04 pm
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i basically bombed my english project (such a shock to me. i thought i did well) and i have to spend my week editing it and writing my first draft for my 10 page paper, studying for music theory, japanese and piano. :/ asdfghjkl;

but i guess the fact that epik high has international ordering set up makes me feel a tab bit better. i just have to wait until the weekend to order the album since they have to send me the order form for my t-shirt. *anxious*

also, to the people on my f-list that know who i'm talking about:
wtfff hiro mizushima got married?! D:


Feb. 15th, 2009 09:19 pm
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i can't believe i got a freakin' 100% on my japanese test. omg. what a relief. i had studied so hard for that test - i stayed up late the night before until almost 1 in the morning and only got 5 hours of sleep, but apparently it paid off. *celebrates*

that'll basically negate the one F i got on a quiz. yeah boy~

so i think i have a B+/A in that class. not sure, but it's good, that's all i know LOL.

as far as my music classes....not good. D:
well ear training at least.

i need a job for the summer...i'm scared i won't be able to find one in this screwed up economy. i could hardly get one a few years ago when it wasn't as bad. sigh. maybe my uncle can get me a job at one of his cleaners or something. :/

if i get really desperate...it'll be back to the day care center for me. ;_____;


Feb. 7th, 2009 10:31 am
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i am so mad that i'm being forced to go to an orientation for school. wtf? how are you going to hold my records just because i didn't look at a powerpoint slideshow for an hour? put that crap online, let me view it if i want, and be done with it.

i am a freakin' TRANSFER student. most colleges work the same when it comes to administration. i know how they work. wtf. I HATE YOU WRIGHT COLLEGE. *wants to punch something*

taking a #$%^ hour bus ride to sit in a room and look at a powerpoint for an hour. AN HOUR. i could be getting my english paper done right now. omg. i hate this....


Jan. 30th, 2009 06:47 pm
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psh i was about to do my english homework, and it's this like...report that we have to read that a student did and we have to fill out this worksheet.

i didn't even have to do that crap when i had AP english. wtf.

imma just skim through it so i can get my answers for the worksheet.

i swear, this class is like...ugh. so much tedious work. visiting a library's website and writing 2-3 paragraphs to analyze it? :/

i am...

Jan. 25th, 2009 01:23 am
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very confused and scared about my future.

i don't know anything anymore. i don't know if i made the right decision to transfer to city college. i don't know if i really want to major in music. i don't know if the feeling of missing photography is one of the need for familiarity and comfort or one of actual passion and love.

i don't want to take forever in school trying to figure out what i want to do in life. i only have a year and a half left of city college (if i stay) to figure out where i want to transfer (if i stick with music) and a few months to figure out what i want to really major in.

i'm so lost right now.

maybe i just need to give it some more time. it's only been a week since the first day as a music major.
but for some reason, i have this feeling that i won't like being one for 4 years.

i'm just so torn.
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of the spring semester. at a new school,, with a new major.
basically, i felt lost in all of my music classes.

my advisor didn't tell me there was an essentials of music theory (or something like that), otherwise i would've taken that instead of music theory 101. she put me in theory 101, and i was SO freakin' lost. the teacher was talking about triads and harmonic scales and intervals. i was just sitting there trying to hide my "wtf?" expression.

he asked the class who hasn't taken he first class, and i raised my hand. he said he'll put me in the lower level class if i want, but it'll be hard work if i stay in 101. i said okay, and yeah. idk. i think i'll be okay. i've been studying all the stuff i mentioned, and i'm starting to get it all. plus, this week will be review (and next week too? idk), so we'll see. i have a week to drop this class if i need to, and i haven't opened the book yet haha. so i can return it and get my money back if i need to.

piano was....interesting. the teacher is this lady from poland, and she had a problem understanding if we were saying D or G, F or E. i think it's because she's old. *Shrugs* so anyway, she went through the class and asked each of us our skill level (i said i know notes, but not on the bass clef, and i don't know how to play the piano), and so she started hitting keys on the piano, and the note on the staff on this lit display board would appear. this huge pole was in the way, so i didn't even know there was a bass clef at the bottom. so when she'd press a note down there, i would have the wrong number and she'd just keep hitting it. so i wa slike "wtf?" so now she thinks i'm dumb or i was lying when i said i could read music. :/

she even split up the class into the good people, and the ones who know nothing. i'm stuck inbetween, sigh.

english was okay. found out the topic of the class is famous chicago murders. definitely will be interesting haha. a 10 page research paper is due at the end. not too bad i don't think.

aural was okay i guess. didn't really do anything. seemed like a repeat of theory since it's the same teacher. we're apparently going to be singing in that class (gasp), but oh well. i think i'll be fine. my voice isn't great, but i don't hurt people's ears when i sing either. and there's like...12 people in the class, so i don't think i'll frak out too bad.

japanese....the teacher is a dry, little old man. i love how he introduced himself.

"i'm sandsy satsou and i was born in japan" *silence* *looks out at class*

he freaked everyone out when he said that we had to memorize the frst 15 hirigana by tomorrow for the quiz. i'm sure a lot of people are gonna be dropping that class. especially since we're gonna have quizzes every week. XD

it's definitely interesting going to a regular school versus SAIC. saic was so small and everyone was like art art art art, but where i am it's like art, medical, music, education, etc. and it's so many people too, and everyone seems to be more happy LOL. i think as art students, we get depressed being stuck inside studios for so long, haha.

so yeah. i think i'll be fine? pray for me ya'll. i need a perfect GPA to get into northwestern university if i choose to go there. idk about depaul.


Nov. 18th, 2008 09:48 pm
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sigh. i love introducing people to new music. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
not that anyone cares, but another music artist review coming up soon, i promise. this time it's on epik high!

okay. this was just to distract myself from my concert review for music history, lol.

*gets back to work*


Oct. 19th, 2008 08:14 pm
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sometimes i get really frustrated and lazy because i am not interested in my classes at all, but then i think: "there are only 2 months left. you can make it."

i really hope i can.

*starts counting down*

random note: OMG i got rain's new album rainism, and the song "only you" is freakin' AWESOME. it's been on repeat since yesterday. i love it. the rest of the album is meh, but this song is amazing in my book.

went on my dad's late bday dinner today at yum thai. mmmmm good. we bought some dvds, so hopefully they're good, or i'm gonna be mad, haha.

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for my upcoming project for photo class, i need some dreams from you guys to use! i'm doing a photoshoot reenacting different people's dreams they've had.

so if possible, can you guys PLEEEEEASE comment with some dreams you've had? you can post some really crazy ones (i.e. flying), but i won't be able to use them (i'm a poor college kid and i don't have access to awesome green screens and whatnot, haha)! they'll be awesome to read though. :P


i hate...

Oct. 16th, 2008 07:33 pm
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core studio all over again.

i hate redoing this stupid crap. going back and refilming everything? wtf. ugh.

unfortunately, i'm feeling the same way about photography. D: *is sad*
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to self:

you have to concentrate. get back to looking at islamic art! don't even go near the other tab that has episode 2 of great teacher onizuka. ;_;

</talking to self>

i really hope i pass this midterm. although i'm more than likely leaving this school, i don't wanna fail. D:
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that i don't live in a dorm (sometimes). because i wouldn't be able to blast my music with a whole bunch of bass like i am doing right now, haha.
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my music history professor never checks her email until like, the night before class. when i'm sleeping. at like, 11:30pm. -_-

i want to know what we need to read for wednesday. she put up all these PDFs up on the portal, but i don't know which ones we need to read. there's 4 or 5 total, but they're all 7 pages each. D:

i guess i'll just read all of them to be safe, but ugh.

i'm gonna be SO mad if she emails me and she's like, "oh just read the second one!" sigh.

so my weekend has consisted of redoing 2 drawings, and finishing an additional 5, and doing this: mixing! )
i liked mixing the paint actually. there's something calming and therapeutic about it for me. everyone in core was like, "omg this is so boring D:" but i was like, "YAYYYY SOMETHING I CAN DO (kinda)" hahah.

okay. gotta get back to reading these boring PDFs for music history. :[

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 school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework.  school. homework. school. homework. school. homework. school. homework.  school. homework. school.

free time.


Sep. 1st, 2008 09:52 pm
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i am slow.

all this time i thought i had music history and wired on tuesdays, but i have art history instead, and music history/wired on wednesdays. i just happened to be talking to a girl on facebook, and i figured out that i had everything all turned around. i'm SO glad i figured it out today, because i would've been so embarrassed/upset when i went to school early (tomorrow i don't have to be there 'till 1pm) and my class wasn't there, haha.

so yeah. tomorrow will be okay i guess. i don't know. i heard daniel merkle is pretty awesome and amusing, so hopefully i won't be falling asleep.
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yay music history class tomorrow. i'm freakin' excited, yet nervous at the same time since i'll be the only freshman in that class. it's all juniors and seniors! oh and my wired class is tomorrow too~!

and i am so confused about my core homework. i thought i was supposed to do a perspective drawing, but i talked to taya and she said that we didn't. we just had to do a still life (which i knew of already). but i already sent my teacher 3 emails with questions, so i'm nervous to send another one, haha. i could've sworn susannah said a perspective drawing was due too....*is confused*

i guess i'll go ahead and email her anyway.

man i need a job. -_-
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yayyyy. i finally got my schedule changed!

i emailed the school yesterday asking about dropping my FYS class and replacing it with another. carolina wheat emailed me this morning and i saw it minutes after she sent it. i called her right away (she seems like a sweet lady), and she dropped my class, and i even got one of the classes i wanted - the history of recorded music. eee. i'm excited!

AND it fits right into the same slot as my old FYS class. awesome. :]

on another note, i feel just like makino and her family from hana yori dango. college is sucking our pockets dry. :[
yesterday, my parents and i went out to eat, and we chose the chinese buffet over chilis so we can save money. then my dad got like, 4 plates of food so he could, in his words, "get his 6 dollars worth!" XD

and then the battery on my mom's car died so my dad jumped it for her, so we're running on a battery that's about to die soon.

this just shows that i've been watching j-dramas too much, haha.
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so today i went to the doctor so i could get my physical done for college. i hadn't been to the doctor in a while, and i needed a new one, since my other doctor was a pediatrician, and i'm 18. i looked weird sitting in there with 10 year olds, haha. anyway, this doctor's office we went to was so CRAZY. oh my goodness. the children were super loud and it was so crowded. when we finally got called, we went in, and the doctor did all of the random stuff (looking in my ears and mouth, checking my heart, blood pressure, etc).

so at the end, the doctor took my pulse. as she was writing it down, she said, "so were you an athlete in school?" and i laughed and replied with, "no. i'm not very athletic at all" my mom asked why she asked me that and she said, "oh well her resting pulse is 60, which is usually what athletes have."

so i was all happy, haha. i had known my pulse was around that number because i had taken my own before, but i wasn't sure since it would take me forever to find a pulse. but now it's been confirmed. the next thing i have to do is get my body fat percentage down.

speaking of which, i've lost 2 inches on my upper arm and a 1/2 on my calves. ^_^ yay!

and when we came back out of the room, the SAME people that were in the waiting room were there! i was like, "wtf? is this their hangout place or something?" their doctor was super slow. i felt sorry for them. i know i wouldn't want to be waiting for hours for a 20 minute checkup. :[

but i had to get blood work done today. i was SO scared. i have the tiniest veins and they like to "roll away". i've had so many bad experiences with nurses. they would stick me with the needle and e all like, "oops!" and then stick me a million more times until they found the vein. but this lady was like, "wow, your veins are deep...." and she eventually found it and got my blood! i was like, "whaaaaaa? that was the best experience ever! THANK YOU!" i was listening to full of harmony as she was drawing the blood, so that calmed me down a bit. i don't know why i was imagining a bed with white sheets and windows with long flowing white curtains.....i guess that was relaxing? haha.

as far as this christian bale "assult" fiasco, i don't believe it. the story is so shady. and what cop would let someone (even a famous person) go to an important event that happens after the occurence of the crime, and then arrest them the next day?

plus, there's never been anything about him being abusive before, so this seems fishy. if something did happen, it was something little that his sister and mom blew out of proportion.

but yeah. this is just what i think. it's so entertaining/sad to see all of these former CB fans on ONTD all going against him though. :[
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i hope that saic can give me a humanities class to replace my FYS class. i spoke to one of the freshman advisors today, and he was like, "oh we just got AP scores yesterday, so we're still working on those. as far as placing you and other freshmen in higher classes, a lot of classes are already full, so we're trying to convince teachers to let more in, or to have more classes"

i really don't want to wait until spring to start my liberal arts requirements. :[
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okay people.

i have an announcement.....

aaaaand. i have a job interview! i don't know what job it'll be for, because it's for kidstart, and they basically give you any job that fits your interests. yayyyyyyyyy.

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