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epik high's newest mv for the title track of their album map the soul was just released a few minutes ago.
basically, it is amazing, hauntingly beautiful, and i can't adequately express my feelings right now.

i cannot wait for their album to arrive at my house.
they're basically musical/poetic geniuses.

(ya'll might be sitting there like "wtf, this girl gets emotional about some music. calm down." but i can't help it. i adore musicians with their talent/determination like epik high and i can't help but gush/spaz/be in awe about it all.)
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heath was awesome. christian bale (my bb haha) was awesome.

the chicago (REPRESENTIN') scenery was AMAZING.

heath's performance was haunting and incredible. at times i forgot that it was heath underneath all of that creepy makeup.
and omg bale looks so good in a suit. -dies-

juanita, britney and ariel went all ghetto (but smart) and went next door to buy subway sandwiches and snuck them back ito the the theatre. them marlena took out like, three super big cans of arizona iced tea and they were having a complete meal. XD

marlena, britney and i had a moment of silence for, in marlena's words (which i agree with), "the sexy heath ledger". rest in peace. i can't believe he's gone...

on a happier note, i will be seeing this amazing movie AGAIN next week with another friend of mine, so i'm excited. i can be all fangirly with her. but she's kinda sensitive to violence and stuff, so i don't know how she'll deal with it. i guess she'll just bury her face in my arm or squeeze the mess out of it like she usually does, haha.

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