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i am now 18 and ~*legal*~ ^_^
so far, i've gotten:

- $80 dollars
- a photo book full of pulitzer prize winning photographs
- studio equipment (umbrellas, strobe, light stand, flash transmitter)
- more money (which i don't have yet, but i know i'm getting some from my aunt)
- christian bale (haha. kat let me "borrow" him for my birthday. we are both wives of bale. yes, we're lame. that's why she's my best friend)

yesterday, i had a bday gathering and my cousins came over and a couple of my friends came over. it was fun. there was a lot of eating, playing wii sports, and DDR.
i'm going out to dinner with the parents later on. i don't know where to go yet! it'll either be seafood, or some chinese/american fusion restaurant.
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i was watching the local ABC news this morning, and they have this segment called "connect with kids". today, they were talking about the best toys for kids this holiday season.

so i was sitting there like, "oh that's cute" and "i remember when i had one like that", and then the guy introduced this hot wheels set for boys (which was pretty awesome, if i must say so myself), and then he showed the girls' equivalent - polly pocket pollywheels race to the mall.


why couldn't it have been like, race to the bank? or race to the investor? of course, those are boring names and wouldn't attract children, but i can't stand how little girls are being taught early to spend all their money on crap at the mall. too many women grow up to be in debt because they spend all of their money on other stuff that isn't needed before using it to pay bills or save it. boys are usually taught to save money earlier and more often than girls (i'm not saying that guys aren't in debt - they spend a lot as well), and i just wish that this could be turned around somehow. girls and women need to learn how to manage their money too.

okay. rant over. :D
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so freakin' happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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we're reading Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman for AP lang. it's good and isn't even that long (168 pages, excluding the intro), but at times it's really hard to get through. i have 38 more pages to go. i can make it! :D

crap. i forgot that i have to do reader response journal entries for every 50 pages. :/ *facepalm*


Nov. 4th, 2007 12:44 pm
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i can see my desk!

and my dresser!
and under my bed!
and my floor!

cleaning my room has shocked both me and my mother. daddy hasn't seen it yet, but when he does, he'll be shocked too.

you can safely assume that i only clean my room like, once a year. -_-
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i was just talking to my parents about this one guy in my class and how hilarious and smart he is, and my dad asks:

"is he cute?"

it was awkward, but i think i handled it well. i said that he's "teddy bear cute" not "OMGZ HE'S SOOO CUTE" cute (which is what i truly think).

yeah. me + awkward questions = weird answers.


i'm trying to redo my timed essay from AP lang, and i don't know how it's turning out. i'll probably get a 4. :[ *sigh* i got my comparison paper back today and i got a 70 (which is a C). i am very disappointed in myself. i NEVER get anything lower than a B on my papers. i need to make up for that by getting a 7 on this timed essay rewrite.

am i becoming an over-achiever? nahhhhh.

p.s. man. my entries from 2004-2005 were so depressing. i had some emotional (EMO?!?!) teenage problems going on. i'm glad i'm not like that anymore...
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oh my goodness.  i want this SO bad.
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i'm bored so....i'm gonna talk about college/ACT scores!

I GOT A 25! YAYYYYYYY (note that i'm really late in telling you guys this - i took the ACT back in april/may).
the highest possible score is a 36, so obviously, i didn't do an amazing job, but i didn't do terribly either. i guess i'm in the above average range, since the national average is a 19 (eek!). i took the ACT my sophomore year, and i got a 23, and my goal was to get a 26 the second time, so i believe i did pretty good. i took the ACT a 3rd time in june to see if i could get a higher score, and i got a 23. :[ oh well.

specific scores:
composite score: 25 - 82% (rank)
english: 28 (YAY! this means i can skip to english 102 at UIC if i get in) - 90% (rank)
usage/mechanics: 15 (out of possible 18)
rhetorical skills: 14 (out of possible 14)
mathematics: 23 (ehhh. i guess this is decent. better than the first time where i got a 19.) - 69% (rank) :[[[[
pre-algebra: 12 (don't know total possible points)
algebra/coordinate geometry: 10
plane geometry/trigonometry: 13 (obviously, trig is my strong point!)
reading: 28 (yay again!) - 87% (rank)
social studies/sciences: 15
arts/literature: 14
science: 21 (EVIL. EEEEEVIL. the graphs were freakin' confusing! i think i even dozed off in the middle of this section. i am jealous of those who got a 27 [aka my best friend]) - 58% (rank) :[[[[[

combined english/writing: 26 - 81% (rank)
writing: 8 (out of 12 points)

I'M SO MAD ABOUT THE WRITING PART. gahhhh. on my 3rd ACT where i got a lower composite score, i got a 12 out of 12 and a 99% rank in writing! WHY OH WHY DIDN'T THAT HAPPEN ON MY BETTER TEST?! :[

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i feel like i've done nothing today, although i've actually done quite a bit. i woke up at 11:15 - super late for me, so i guess that's why i feel the way i do. anyway, i have:

1) finished my personal statement for UIC/U of I
2) cleaned the bathroom
3) brushed mickey (my dog)

...and that's it. okay. now that i have written out a list, and it's so small, i feel useless. i guess i'll go fold some laundry after this.

i've been seriously in a harry potter mood lately (note the icon, haha) - i've watched all the movies, i'm about to re-read the series....i guess i'm in a withdrawal since it's the end of the series. *tear*

last wednesday, i had senior photos. it went really well. i brought my camera and my clarinet as props. the 1st photographer was really fun! and i even

so good.

Aug. 3rd, 2007 10:53 am
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anyway, i need to start writing my college essays. *sigh* at least i applied for two more scholarships! i should be knowing if i won one i applied for in june next week....eek! pray for me please!

yesterday was the last day of my class at columbia. today is the gallery showing! i'll have pictures showing you all the gallery.

i even got out of my shyness and made a couple of acquaintances! i'm proud of myself!

p.s. um. wow. there's way too many exclamation points in this post. i apologize.
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