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watch the colors collide.

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Birthdate:Dec 23
Location:Illinois, United States of America
Sade (pronounced) Sha-day / シャーデイ / 샤데이
My name's Sade and i'm 20 years old. I'm pretty
quiet, but I keep everything that I want to say out loud in my head to
prevent me from embarrassing myself. Therefore, I put it into the form
of text, online, so I can embarrass myself behind locked entries! I started learning
Japanese last summer (6/2008), so you might see some "progress
posts"/posts in Japanese (with not-so-great grammar) from time to time.

Photography is my passion,
so you'll see links and photos to my site, or other portfolios that I

Music I love:
boyz ii men, crystal kay, big bang, m-flo, bi rain, mute math, anberlin, d'angelo, rahsaan patterson, dbsk, lupe fiasco, NEWS, arashi, blackstreet, epik high, braille, ledisi, raphael saadiq, full of harmony, jay'ed, etc.

Random Bit:
For some odd reason, I listen to songs on repeat. A lot. So don't be surprised if you see the same song 7 times in a row on that banner down there. *points*

I pretty much add anyone,
so if you'd like to be added, just comment me! :D

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watch the colors, collide.

photography portfolio // // flickr

revolution takes one step.
ⓒ banner [info]ko_koro

i was stamped as tae yang @ [info]bigbang_rating :D

tae yang is my lover ♥


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